Through God’s blessings, I am pleased to announce that the Growing in God’s Great Grace campaign has exceeded $1 million raised! We are truly blessed and want to sincerely thank those who have submitted a decision in support of this project. Through your leadership we are on our way to achieving our goals.
As a reminder, our goal is to renovate and expand the Shawnee campus to accommodate more members at worship and provide space for fellowship and our school-aged children. All members were mailed a packet of information and a request to prayerfully consider a commitment to this campaign. If you have not received a packet, please contact the church office by emailing and we will replace it. Our success in this campaign is directly tied to participation—we need everyone pulling the rope in the same direction!
For those of you still praying about your decision, we understand the need for time, and we are here to assist you with any questions you may have. We want everyone at Trinity to be informed of our progress, so check the website,, for updates and information on the campaign. Please join with other congregation families who are sharing God’s blessings to help us fulfill our vision for the future. Together, we can expand our impact in western Shawnee. To God be the glory!
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