Dear Parents,

As you are aware, there have been some changes in the number of cases and quarantines due to COVID. Volunteers and families have been affected by this as well.

After discussion, we have decided that it would be best to do a VIDEO ONLY Children’s Christmas Worship this year. We will work to record the nativity scene with our Sunday School students and notify you when and how that will happen. This decision was not easy, but we feel this is in the best interest of families and volunteers at this point. That means we will be making some revisions to the story script and will send it out to families soon.

We are excited at the new opportunity to have the children share the Christmas story. It will be a creative and fun way for us to help announce the birth of Jesus, the promised Savior, and will be easy to share this with your family and friends no matter where they live.

A signed release form will be required for each child participating.

We will provide a script, simple song, instructions, and submission link for you to make the process simple and easy.

If you have questions, please contact Rhonda Synovec,

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