As we grow in our faith together, there are basic faith milestones we pray all of our children will learn and keep in their hearts. Our children’s ministry program teaches faith milestones in our Sunday morning ministry each year. We do this to help the children grow in their understanding of these milestones as they grow. We focus on teaching The Lord’s Prayer, the Books of the Bible, The 10 Commandments, and The Apostle’s Creed.

Milestone classes are held during the Sunday School hour, 9:45-10:45am. Please plan to have your children join us. This is how the classes will work under our current large group Sunday School setting:

The Lord’s Prayer

We will pray the prayer each week as we begin Sunday School. We will then talk about the different prayer petitions each week so children know what it means to pray these words. ALL children will lead the prayer in our worship celebration at the end of March.

The Books of the Bible

This class is for our second and third grade students. This year we will invite our fourth and fifth grade students to join. Our COVID years prevented our older children from receiving full class instruction.

The Books of the Bible curriculum is a two-year program where year one we explore the Old Testament and year two we explore the New Testament. We will be doing year one curriculum this year. Children will not just learn the books if the Bible order, but they will dig into scripture, learn about the Pentateuch (first five Old Testament books), learn about the major and minor prophets, the poetry and history books, and discover the people of the Old Testament and how they followed God. We will also learn how the Old Testament stories show us how to live our lives today following Jesus. We will celebrate this milestone in worship at the end of March.

Ten Commandments and Apostle’s Creed

After Easter we will dive into the Ten Commandments and The Apostle’s Creed. The Ten Commandments will be taught to all the children like we are doing with the Lord’s Prayer. The Apostle’s Creed will be taught to our fourth and fifth grade students.

We are excited to share this milestone experience with you and your family. We will even have different pieces that invite you, as parents, into the process and class so you can share this with your children.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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