For my continuing education this year, I attended the annual conference of The Hymn Society of the United States and Canada. I have been a member of The Hymn Society since 2003, and I always enjoy their conferences when I’m able to attend. This year’s conference celebrated the organization’s centennial under the theme “Sing the World God Imagines.”
Most of our events, as well as our lodging and meals, were on the campus of Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. We did travel off campus for a bit of sight-seeing and for hymn festivals in local churches. The 4 1/2 day conference included 5 hymn festivals, an organ recital, daily morning prayer and plenary addresses, 7 smaller workshops, a centennial celebration banquet, and many informal conversations and connections with friends and colleagues.
I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to sing and worship as a congregation member, and to hear and sing hymns that were new to me. Thank you, Trinity friends, for allowing me the time and funding to attend this inspirational gathering.
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