In the world in which we live, Christians are faced with a number of difficult questions and conversations. “How do we make sense of creation and evolution?” “How do we live into God’s gift of sexuality?” “How do we think about the roles of men and women in the church?” “How does our faith impact our politics, and vice versa?”
Many times these topics are difficult to engage because there are so many different elements to each discussion, and so many strong opinions on these subjects. Often, in a Bible study or a sermon, there is not time to unpack all of these different nuances. To engage these important topics in a sensitive way, Trinity’s pastors are resuming a series of Difficult Questions presentations, where we will have more time to talk through, discuss, and gain understanding of how the Scriptures speak to these topics.
Because these issues can be so difficult to engage, the first part of the Difficult Questions presentation will be on “How do Christians have difficult conversations?” In it, we’ll talk about some Biblical guidelines for engaging in difficult conversations that include faithfulness to God’s Word, and concern for all people.
We will then move to our main topic, the issue of abortion. We will look at Biblical principles, ethics, societal concerns, and the politics of abortion. Please join us in the fellowship hall at the Mission campus at one of two times for the identical presentation: Saturday, June 11 from 9:00—10:30am; or Monday, June 13 from 6:30-8:00pm.
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