The Draper Family band is comprised of Hammond B3 and keyboardist Paul Draper (an inductee of the KS Music Hall of Fame) and his son, Brandon Draper, who is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and songwriter. In 1981, Paul received an invitation to audition for the Rolling Stones after doing studio work at Long View Farms. However, at that time, his son Brandon was about to turn two years old, so Paul decided to decline the offer and prioritize raising his son. Now, after nearly four decades, they are embarking on what is arguably the most significant project of their careers – collaborating together. “Aim All Around”, which releases February 2nd, serves as the first single from the debut album by the Draper Family Band. Written by Brandon in 2006, the original lyrics expressed feelings of being misunderstood and frustrated with the music industry’s power struggles, which often crush the dreams of young artists. However, Brandon never completed the song. In 2012, after the birth of his first daughter Eva, who was then two years old, he approached the song with a fresh perspective. He redirected the lyrics to promote love, spreading joy, and letting go, completely contrasting the original theme of the song. As a last- minute addition to the record, Brandon laid down a guide track on drums to establish the instrumentation and develop the song in the studio. Then added guitar, vocals, Paul’s B3, and enlisted the help of several close friends and family members. Teryn, Eva, and Ivy Draper provided backing vocals, while Eddie Moore played the Fender Rhodes. Rick Willoughby contributed on bass, Nate Nall on trumpet, Marcus Lewis (known for his work with Janelle Monae and Ohio Players) on trombone, Rich Wheeler on tenor saxophone, and even zydeco artist Ernest James made an unexpected appearance that day, playing the accordion!
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