Trinity is working alongside local business leaders and members of the Mission community to establish a new food pantry. One way your family could serve and help this effort is to gather donations of canned and dry goods for the pantry. We are working to be able to provide a bag of groceries to send home with the families coming to our summer lunch program. Ways you could do this are:


  1. You could drop off bags (paper or plastic) with your friends and neighbors asking them to donate. Staple a note to the bag letting them know what is needed, where it is going, and be sure to give them a date when you will come back to collect the items. They could leave the bag on their front step on pick up day by a certain time so the whole event is safe and social distanced.
  2. Children could spend a portion of their allowance, or fundraise, to purchase items from the grocery store, Costco, or Sams.
  3. Your family can volunteer to help sort items and prepare bags to give out by serving at the pantry which is located at our MISSION campus. We are currently looking for volunteers on Tuesdays to do this or on Thursdays to do this and help hand out to families.
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