Heit’s Point is a summer camp just two hours East of KC in Lincoln, MO right on a lake. It is a beautiful location with great staff and fun activities for students.

Pioneer Camp
July 23 – 28

This outdoor adventure camp experience allows campers to sleep in a tent under the stars while participating in specialized programming during the day. Campers will learn the basics of hiking, camping, and fire safety before embarking on the two-night camping trip on site. Pioneer campers will cook their own meals over a fire, learn to use a compass and map to navigate hiking trails, fish in the lake, and complete team building elements as a group.

Cost: $ 500 (pay directly to Heit’s Point via their website registration)
If finances would be the reason you say no to this great camp experience, please reach out and we can make a plan together! I want everyone who can participate, get that chance.

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