Sundays, 9:45am
Shawnee Campus
Part 1: November 5 & 12
Part 2: December 3 & 10


1.    Does science support the existence of God (note: examine scientific evidence/creation)?
2.    Does scientific evidence conflict with Scripture?

Summary of Intelligent Design Series

Intelligent Design is a scientific theory that the cause of many features of the universe and life itself are best explained by an intelligent agent (a Creator) as opposed to blind, undirected natural processes (i.e. materialism/Darwinian evolution).  This Sunday School series will look at scientific evidence that supports intelligent design theory and the existence of a Creator.  As a result, your appreciation of the reality of God’s existence and all he has created will be enriched.  If you can tell that the presidential faces on Mt. Rushmore were formed by intelligent designers as opposed to random undirected natural processes, then you have enough scientific background to attend this Sunday School series.

Bill Peterson Biography

Bill Peterson has a bachelors and a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering.  He obtained his professional engineering license in 1995.  This background, coupled with his interest, has equipped him to study the area of Intelligent Design (ID) in detail.  The focus of his study has been mainly from resources developed by the Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture whose mission is to advance the understanding that human beings and nature are the result of intelligent design rather than a blind and undirected process. (see
The Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute is home to many prominent scholars & professors with PhD degrees from prestigious schools such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cambridge, Oxford, etc.  In 2016, Bill was accepted and attended the Discovery Institute’s Summer Seminar in Seattle Washington.  The seminar was an intensive 9-day study of cutting-edge ID work in fields of molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, cosmology, physics and the history and philosophy of science.  The seminar was presented by senior fellows of the Discovery Institute.
Bill has also successfully completed an on-line self-study course titled “Discovering Intelligent Design – A Journey Into the Scientific Evidence” developed by the Discovery Institute.   He has made several presentations and taught Sunday School classes on intelligent design at other churches and at High School events such as Club 121.
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