6:15pm, Monday, September 18
Hope Lutheran Church

Parents, have you ever wondered how to talk to your child or teen about suicide? …dressing appropriately? …pornography? …death? …teen pregnancy? Come and get valuable insight from the National Executive Director of Y4L, Youth 4 Life, Michelle Bauman. What do we as Lutheran Christians believe? How can you teach these Biblical principles to your children and teens? Fun activities and gifts provided for kids! Over 25 door prizes for adults! Valuable materials and tools for every family!

Michelle Bauman, Presenter

Michelle earned her Lutheran teaching degree in secondary education from Concordia Nebraska in 1998 and a master’s degree in English from the University of Indianapolis in 2011. She served 21 years as a Lutheran educator before joining the Lutherans for Life team in June 2019.
Currently serving as Director of Y4Life, Michelle helps high school and college students learn about life issues and how to address them from a Gospel-motivated perspective. She also supports the building and maintaining of Y4Life Teams on high school and college campuses across the nation.
When not presenting, writing, or creating social media posts for Y4Life, Michelle loves gardening, taking long walks, traveling, cooking, and spending quality time with her husband, sons, and daughter-in-love. You can reach her at michelle@y4life.org.
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