The prefix, R E means “again.”
and here we are at Lent again.
Lent is always a time to REmember –
to once again REview our Lord’s passion.
REmember his suffering was for us,
REmember Jesus, in whom we trust.
REmembering Jesus suffering, his Passion
then will lead me to confession.
I look back and see my sinfulness –
my rebellion and stubborn wilfulness.
at the foot of the cross I cast my sin,
and promise a new life I’ll begin
Yes, Lent is a time for REpentence.
To recognize my total dependence
on God’s mercy and his grace,
that at God’s side I may take my place.
I thank Jesus who suffered for me,
erased my sin and set me free.
Lent is also a time for REnewal,
This season is something like a school
a space to review and learn something new,
a time to look ahead to the future, too.
I want to follow Jesus more nearly;
to walk in his way and love him more dearly.
God has blessed me and I have lived very long;
and I’ve sung many a Lenten song.
The message of Lent means much to me:
“Because Christ died, from sin I am free.”
“Lent again” is never dull repetition.
“Lent again” means REcall and contrition.
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