40 Simple Family Service/Prayer Ideas for Lent

These simple service ideas can be used with your Footsteps to the Cross devotional or on their own. They are easy and simple ideas to remind each of us to follow Jesus’ command to love Him first and to love and serve others.

  1. Pray to Jesus and ask forgiveness for your sins.
  2. Say you are sorry to each other for things you have done wrong.
  3. Do something kind for the earth.
  4. Read a Bible story together.
  5. Confess/tell something to God you feel bad about.
  6. Spend quiet time in prayer to Jesus. Do this at the end of your devotion, at dinner, at bedtime, etc.
  7. Give up something for Lent, such as candy, tv, video games, or desserts.
  8. Say you are sorry to a friend you have hurt.
  9. Do something kind to someone who has been mean to you.
  10. Take a walk or hike and explore God’s creation of all things.
  11. Help or sit next to someone at school or work who needs a friend.
  12. Say something kind to a friend.
  13. Tell your teacher one thing you like about them and/or give them a gift.
  14. Pray for refugees.
  15. Thank your parents for something they have done for you.
  16. Serve someone or somewhere together as a family.
  17. Pray for your pastors and DCEs.
  18. Set aside some of your own money to give as offering.
  19. Make someone else’s bed.
  20. Smile at as many people as you can.
  21. Play with someone different at recess.
  22. Say something kind to a family member.
  23. Give someone a hug.
  24. Do something kind for mom or dad.
  25. Make a craft for someone.
  26. Pray for your Sunday School teachers and leaders.
  27. Do someone else’s chore.
  28. Help someone (you decide who and how).
  29. Pray for someone who is sick.
  30. Bake or give a treat for someone.
  31. Give something of yours to someone or to a charity.
  32. Sing a song of praise to God.
  33. Read a book to a sibling or family member.
  34. Make a card for someone.
  35. Clean your bedroom.
  36. Thank God for your favorite people.
  37. Pray for someone who needs to know Jesus.
  38. Do something kind for your neighbor.
  39. Read the Bible story of Jesus’ journey to the cross, from Palm Sunday through Easter.
  40. Give thanks to God for sending Jesus to be our Savior.


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