In addition to class instruction, one part of Confirmation at Trinity is Lenten Mentoring. Students select a mentor to go through a Bible study together for the Lenten season. This year, the students and mentors will be investigating our unshakable identity in Jesus. Lenten Mentoring starts at both campuses on March 2, Ash Wednesday.
Orientation at both campuses will be at 6pm that day.



Regular mentoring times will follow the schedule below:

Mentors should fill out this brief form:

Shawnee Campus

5:30pm Dinner​
6pm Mentoring​
7pm Worship

Mission Campus

6pm Worship
7pm Mentoring​

After orientation, students/mentors will meet before Lenten worship at Shawnee: 6-7pm, and Mission families will meet after Lenten worship. Any questions can be directed to Beth Stephens, Youth Family Minister.


Why Do We Do Lenten Mentoring?

  • Students feel more part of the Christian community at Trinity and have a wider circle of trusted adults in the congregation. ​
  • Students see how another adult (besides their parents) lives as a disciple of Jesus. 
  • The process helps students explore life with God in a more direct, personal way. ​
  • Adults participate in the youth discipling process.



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