Santa’s Helper Elves

Santa’s Helper Elves are here to carry and organize all donations and all aspects of our Annual Christmas Store. When you volunteer, you will help over 1000 families have a Merry Christmas! Plenty of spots are available for the store opening starting December 5. 



Help clients choose an appliance

Area Elves

Help clients and shopping elves pick out items and restock areas

Blanket Elves

Help clients and shopping elves pick out items and restock areas

Carrying Elves

Carrying elves help to assist our Christmas Store Clients by carrying items and loading them for our families

Check Out Elves

Responsible for checking out the Christmas Store guest and handing out small items (cookie tin, devotional, gift cards)

Coat Elves

Help stock the winter coats and help clients choose a nice new coat

Drop Off Elves

We have Sorting Elves and Santa Captains that make this process run smoothly.

Greeting Elves

Greet clients and direct them where to shop in the MLM Christmas Store

Inventory Elves

Responsible for keeping inventory of Santa’s List of Gifts

Opening, Mid-Shift, and Closing Elves

Responsible for the opening, mid, or closing of the Christmas Store

Registration Table Elves

Responsible for getting clients checked in for their shopping time

Shopping Elves

Responsible for assisting clients shop for their gifts

Sorting Elves

Responsible for assisting captains set up and sort their area

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