Hello Middle School Families!

Heit’s Point is a Lutheran Camp about 2 hours South East of KC. This year, we are encouraging our middle school families to consider Heit’s Point as an options for your students! Specifically, we are looking at the July 31st to August 5th week of camp. Camp is a critical component of our youth ministry in high school when we go to Colorado for LVR. A couple of the area DCE’s have coordinated to send students to the same camp this year so that they could get to know each other before going to LVR in high school.

Getting away for a week to have fun, be with other students, and engage with God’s Word. Heit’s Point does a wonderful job and I am excited for our students to have this opportunity.

Here is some information about the middle school camp Heit’s Point calls “Pathfinders:”


7th-8th Grade
Pathfinder 7th-8th Grade
Cost: Tier I $500 Tier II $300
Pathfinder I I (July 31st– Aug 5th)

Whether it’s working as a team to build trust with one another on the G.I.C course, or the regular camp activities like swimming, archery, canoeing, and taking on the “Annual Amazing Race” you are sure to have the best experience during Pathfinder. This week you and other teens will develop close bonds and create friendships that will last a lifetime. During this week you will also deepen your relationship with God and grow in your faith with daily Bible study.

Register Here: https://cloudforms.co/?scid=HMS8OL&fid=80404

Depending on how many want to go, we can organize transportation together!

Beth Stephens, DCE

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