Church business is humming along, but did you realize that most of it is being done from the comfort of our own homes?

As we all continue to navigate through the pandemic we have found creative ways to get things done. Keeping people safe while maintaining a constant presence as a church is a top priority.

Trinity continues to operate without official business hours in the church office, but we are still effectively running the church! If anyone needs to have access to the church facilities or contact a staff member, members can contact staff on their personal cell phones or via email. These phone numbers and email addresses are included in the bottom of the eNews email every week. Staff emails are always available on Trinity’s staff page on the website.

Voicemail messages in the office are checked periodically, but are not the best way to communicate, especially when immediate pastoral care is needed. Members are encouraged to contact the appropriate staff person via cell phone or email for whatever business is needed.

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