November 7-9, the preschool will seek reaccreditation from National Lutheran Schools Accreditation.

NLSA accredits schools that comply with national standards for Lutheran schools and reflect the essential qualities that are expected of Lutheran schools. Four Lutheran educators from Kansas and Missouri will serve as our accreditation team and will be onsite to see the wonderful things happening at Trinity Lutheran Church Preschool. The team will also suggest ways to make our program even better. Please pray for: safe travel for the team; a successful visit; energy for the staff as they complete years of preparation; and thanksgiving for the children and families we have been blessed to serve. With God’s help, may we be a shining light for years to come!

What is Evidence Based Accreditation?

Evidence Based Accreditation (EBA) is objective rather than subjective in nature. It requires that schools identify evidence and practices pertaining to each indicator. The significance of the evidence and its impact results in a high indicator rating by the school. Through this, the EBA process removes the subjective nature of what a school hopes to become and requires realistic objective evaluation of the current school and their present strengths and accomplishments.


NLSA Self Study Focus Areas

  • Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Governance
  • Professional Personnel
  • Student Services
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Facilities

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