Rhonda Synovec
I am truly grateful to Trinity for offering sabbatical time to our staff for rest and renewal. It is time for me to be on sabbatical and I will be gone from July 18 to October 22.
My plans for sabbatical will focus on:
  1. Rest and renewal
  2. Spiritual growth through retreat time and reading
  3. Time with family, college roommates, and friends
  4. Research into outreach ministry to make connections with families and others in our communities with an emphasis on immigrant communities. I will be working to find ways to do this not only through our ministry at Trinity, but also in connection with the Mission Community Food Pantry, as a multifaceted way to connect with others of all ages for both spiritual and physical needs
  5. Working on the home To-Do list
While I will be stepping away from my duties at Trinity, I will continue to co-direct the Food Pantry during this time so you may see me at Mission on pantry distribution days. I know I will miss being with all of you while I am away, but I look forward to where God will be at work in my life and ministry through this renewal time.
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