Hope Lutheran School in Shawnee is seeking a middle school teacher for 2021-2022 school year who will:

  • Create a fun, energetic environment that encourages student growth and fosters a love of God, each other, and learning.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues in maintaining academic excellence in a caring Christian school.
  • Teach in a semi-self-contained classroom for middle school grades, especially in language arts and social sciences.
  • Actively participate in the spiritual life of the school and church.
  • Seek and obtain a Kansas teaching license by the end of the first year after placement if out of state.

Candidates are to send a resume and cover letter to Mrs. Jankowski, principal at jankowski@hopelutheran.org. If you know of someone that is seeking a call, please share potential candidate names with Ella Schempp at dayschool@hopelutheran.org. Thank you.

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