April 17 from 8am to noon

Bring your weed eaters, chainsaws, hand trimmers, gloves, etc. and come help us clean up the grounds at the Shawnee Campus. Here are some things we would like to accomplish:

  • Clean up brush from around shed. Treat saplings that were  cut down to avoid them growing back.
  • Burn the brush pile.
  • Cut up a tree that has fallen along Midland road. Address saplings along Midland road if there is time.
  • Cut sapling growth on hillsides and in basin west of the parking lot. Reseed native grasses, if possible.
  • Clear the brush for a clear view of the electronic sign. Cut saplings from the fence row and treat to avoid them growing back.
  • Trim bushes around the cross.
  • General grass/weed trimming, etc.
  • Preschool maintenance items as needed

If you can help out, please RSVP to Chris Cox, ccox@amctheatres.com.

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