Wednesday Lenten Meals
Shawnee Campus

Lenten meals provide a meaningful opportunity to nourish our bodies and spirits as we journey through this season of reflection and preparation. We believe that coming together in community strengthens our bonds and enriches our individual spiritual paths.
Please feel free to invite your friends, family, and fellow congregants to join us in this special time of fellowship. Your presence will make these gatherings even more meaningful.
We look forward to sharing this Lenten season with you and creating lasting memories together.
May this Lenten season be a time of renewal and inspiration for each one of us.



February 21 | Men’s group | Chili and Sides

February 28 | Meggan Schempp and Co. | Breakfast for Dinner

March 6 | Jacob and Savageau Families | Taco Bar

March 13 (Spring Break) | Immanuel Community Outreach Association

March 20 | Prothe Group | Menu TBA

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