Tom Perry
Last May, about a month before my retirement, I was given a surprise send-off by 50+ and many of the seniors at Trinity. It was unexpected and the cards and gifts were truly generous and once again I thank you. A couple of Sundays ago, Trinity had a reception for me where I received more well wishes and cards. Thanks to Sue Schram and her crew for putting it together and especially for the “church punch” which is one of my favorites. This has all made me stop and realize what a blessed man I am. God’s family has been a strong and vital influence my whole life.
God’s family at Trinity was there to welcome me when I was baptized 70 years ago by Pastor Hartner. My early years were spent in Sunday school, mid-week, and choir where God found people to show me what it means to be a Christian. Trinity was there to hear my Affirmation of Baptism at my confirmation. Trinity supported me during those youth years when my class was known to be a bit crazy. Thanks for your patience, Rich Bimler! As a young man bringing home my bride Eileen, you made her feel as if this was home. Thank you. Trinity has shown me how to be a tool of the Master through the many service and worship opportunities you made available. You also helped me receive a strong love and appreciation for music.
Trinity has given me the opportunity to use some God-given gifts to serve in His kingdom. This is no small thing. You and the staff have opened avenues for me to be what I hope is a useful tool in God’s hands. There is no greater gift or honor. Instead of you thanking me, I thank you, the congregations past and present of Trinity. I also want to thank our dedicated and talented staff. You have accepted this “lay guy” to serve with you.
Blessings to my beloved Trinity family, you will always be special to me. I will see you on Sundays.
Tom Perry
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