I am already looking forward to our June trip to LVR this year. Check out this post on my top ten (or really eleven) reasons to attend! Registration will open next Tuesday, March 15!
  1. Mountains: We get to spend a week surrounded by mountains and enjoying the best views.
  2. A whole bunch of new friends: Ever wanted to meet a friend from Colby? This might be your opportunity! For real, nothing compares to being surrounded by a group of high school students who are also seeking to follow Jesus. It’s awesome and one of the best parts of camp.
  3. Bible studies: A whole week taking time to consider God’s Word and what it means for our lives today.
  4. High Ropes Course: Zip-Lines, Pamper Pull, Jacob’s Ladder, Kit-Kat are all different options of high ropes elements that you can choose from!
  5. Rock Climbing/Horses/Naps/Sand Volleyball: There are so many free choice activities to choose from! There is something for everyone, including those of us who like afternoon naps!
  6. Hiking: Nights hikes, sunrise mountaintop hike, and more!
  7. Camp Games: Capture the Flag, Night-strike, and all camp sand volleyball.
  8. Team Building Activities: We call them TIPs, and they help us to think about our faith and life in new ways while completing fun and interesting challenges together.
  9. Student-led Devotions: A Group of students lead the camp devotions. They plan the elements and connect it to our over-arching theme.
  10. Perfect reset before the summer begins: Has this year been particularly stressful? Maybe you are an 8th grader nervous about a whole new school experience. Or maybe you are a senior and you aren’t quite sure what next year is going to look like for you. Spend five days in the mountains with us. It won’t solve your problems, but it will give you a fresh foundation to build from. Come rest with us.
  11. 5 days with BETH STEPHENS: You know this is the top reason!
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