I enjoy good conversation about the spiritual life. I love it when people share my questions and share the pursuit of God in Scripture and prayer. I love it. And I’m thankful for those opportunities I have for this.

I invite you to practice something similar. Trinity has a lot of groups that study Scripture, pray, and discern how to best follow Jesus in the world today. Trinity is a people filled with wisdom and many know the Scriptures in a deep way. And a lot of these people help facilitate our Bible Studies, Life Together Groups, and other gatherings. If they don’t lead them, many are participants there.

On the next page, allow me to highlight a few experiences happening this fall. I’ll provide more detail in the next Messenger  and eNews editions – several groups are still discerning the path best for them and plan on starting in September.

Exploring the Faith, Mission Campus

9:45am – Fellowship Hall, Sunday Mornings

It does my heart well to return to the beginning, to study the simple things again. And of course, my heart rarely lets the simple stay simple. Will you join me in this? I (Pastor Ben) will be guiding a study and conversation that explores the basic things of the faith. I want to be influenced by your questions—I want us to pursue Jesus together. Let’s do this. Let’s see what opens up as we return to origin and reexamine what we believe and why. Join the conversation!

We will use the newly released Catechism to guide our conversation. It’s a great reworking of the old book that brings up some good points and great questions. This won’t be a catechism class, for sure, but we’ll let that old (now new) book be a companion as we explore the faith. And: plan to laugh a lot. We have a good time together!

Exploring the Faith, Shawnee Campus

9:45am – Worship Center, Sunday Mornings

Pastor Phil will be leading a similar experience to the Mission campus class at the Shawnee campus. His group will embrace a conversation on the faith. Whether you’ve been around the Lutheran theological block a few times or the Lutheran perspective is new to you, you’ll be blessed by the conversation here.

Parent’s Study Group, Shawnee Campus

9:45am – Room 201, Sunday Mornings

Here’s a group that does conversation well. You’ll find great companions in this group, fellow parents who are wanting to raise their children to be followers of Jesus. This group discusses parenting topics and faith topics with a good dose of Scripture and prayer. And you’ll feel the joy and laughter as they stumble along together as parents. Peace will surely fill the heart

Deacon Rik’s Class, Mission Campus

9:45am – Conference Room, Sunday Mornings

Deacon Rik is a thinking man and his classes are sure to get you thinking. Few details are overlooked in this class, which spends its time moving from biblical book to biblical book. You’ll be blessed if a deep immersion in the Text is what you desire.

11am Study, Mission Campus

11am – Adult Lounge, Sunday Mornings

I have only experienced a few groups in my life that are as Spirit-filled and faith filled as this one. I smile just thinking about the collective of people who circle the table in this study, and you will too if you join them. This group studies the Scriptures in a deep, Spirit-led way. They engage questions that percolate in the heart and mind. And they pray. Oh, they pray! You’re welcome to join the conversation!





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