Call Committee

After months of little to no progress, the call process for a new worship leader/family and youth minister has suddenly kicked into high gear. Following the Congregational Assembly approval in January, the Call Committee began looking at students from the Concordia University System. From nine different Concordias with several different programs, we narrowed down to three potential candidates, two DCE students preparing for their internship year and one completing her internship year. The Call Committee has interviewed these students to see if they might be a fit for Trinity. If we decide one of these students is a good fit for us, and if they decide that we are a good fit for them, the student will be placed with us for a year-long internship, in which they will be serving with us, as well as learning about ministry. At the end of the year, Trinity would have the option to extend a call to this student, allowing him or her to become a permanent member of our staff. In the case of the student completing her internship, we would extend a permanent call. Please pray for our Call Committee, and for these students, as we each try to prayerfully discern if this is a good match.

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