by Marilyn Kubler

Some of you know that last January Phil and I embarked on a new adventure (for us). We went with friends on a medical missionary trip to Jamaica. It was a life changing event and we plan to go again this year. This was sponsored by Jamaica Partners, a community outreach of Community Christian Church on the Plaza. We spent five days in a “retreat” called Tapioca Village and each day we were there we worked at various locations throughout the region.

Neither of us is trained in the medical field but we were given jobs that did not require extensive medical expertise. My job each day was to give inhalation treatments to the children and administer blood and urine tests. Phil was the official “drug runner” and after the doctors examined the patients they were given medications that Phil and his other runners dispensed.

If you have never done anything like this, don’t let that scare you. We had not either. If you have participated in a mission trip, you already know how amazing it is to do this. The group is inviting six more folks to participate in this trip. You do not have to be a medical specialist to go. You just need to want to serve others in this amazing adventure and I guarantee you will be glad you did. This year the dates to go are January 21-30. The days begin early and may go into the early evening. And by the end of a long day you are exhausted but sleep well. At the end of the week we take a bus to Montego Bay and spend two luxurious days in a Hilton resort.

The cost per person, including: air fare, five days at Tapioca Village, and two nights, three days at Montego Bay Resort is $1700. Larry Evans, DDS. (pictured above), has been doing this for about twenty years and he asked me to reach out to my fellow Christians at Trinity to see if anyone would be interested. You can contact him at 913-449-2350 or call me, Marilyn Kubler, 913-268-4472.


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