Life today is often measured in screen time. You manage your calendar, email, instant messaging, text, Facebook, and use use ApplePay to pay for groceries – all from the small screen on your phone. However, giving to the church to can seem to our younger generation to be an outdated process – Where is the checkbook? 

A New Way to Gift to Trinity 

Give+ mobile giving app is now available to use from your smart phone.  

Yes, you can still use the offering envelopes and drop a check or cash into the plate on Sunday. However, our members are more frequently opting to use the easy electronic methods. More than 25% of the funds donated to the church arrive from electronic giving methods. Check out our Giving page to learn more about our electronic giving options. 

 The reason you give has not changed, giving thanks to our Lord for the generosity he has given us.  The church is just making the funds transfer process easier with our electronic giving options.

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