March 27, 2021 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Fellowship Hall (TLC
Mission Campus)
5601 West 62nd Street, Mission
KS 66202

Group: Children’s Ministry – Mission
Campus: TLC – Mission Campus

Dear Parents,

Trinity will be offering an Early Communion Class that provides Communion instruction for students in grades 5 – 8 and their parents. We offer this class starting in fifth grade and it is necessary before youth are confirmed in eighth grade. This is the only communion class offered in Confirmation. 

Is this class right for your child?

The decision for Communion participation after the class is one the youth and their family decide. Some choose to participate starting in fifth grade while others choose to wait until Confirmation. This is a hands on class where we actively learn together about Communion and the gift that is given to us through Christ Jesus. 

RSVP and Preparation

Please reply and let us know if you will be attending with your child. We do have some “at home” discussion material you will need to complete prior to the class. We will email that material to all participants prior to the event.

If you have questions, please contact organizer Rhonda Synovec, rhonda@tlcms.org.

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