With Jay Williams’ departure, facility room setups at the Mission campus will now be handled by Nissen Services. We are working toward having as smooth a transition as possible. With everyone’s help and an added measure of patience, we are confident that facility needs will be handled adequately. There are a few things that anyone who reserves events in the building should keep in mind.

  1. All event setup scheduling will now be handled through Gretchen in the church office. This was mostly already being done.
  2. All room setups will be done the evening before the event, so please keep this in mind to avoid scheduling facility changes for the same day.
  3. Please reserve rooms as early as possible. Gretchen will be printing reports of all events and this will greatly assist her in managing the expanded workload.
  4. Please be as exacting as you can in reserving rooms and equipment. If you would like a podium or an extension cord, please request it. If you need a skirt for a table, we will need to know.
  5. A master facility binder will be kept at Gretchen’s desk in the church office. All event reports, room setups, and equipment listings will be kept in that binder.
  6. Gretchen is more than happy to assist you in making sure your event is reserved so you are pleased with the result. Feel free to call or email with any questions or requests. She is here to serve!
  7. Remember that there is an Event Setup Request form that can be found at tlcms.org on the calendar page. Using this form is preferable.
  8. Patience and cooperation is extremely appreciated in the transition. If something isn’t right with your setup, feel free to modify it or ask any staff person to help.

We will miss Jay, but together, the body of Christ continues our vital work as we fulfill our mission to be a “Community Following Jesus.”

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