Saturday, September 8
9am – 3pm

Our Saviour Lutheran Church
Kansas City, Kansas

For Whom: Parents, Church Leadership,
Pastors, Family Members with prodigals

When children have left the church and faith in Jesus Christ, parents that are left behind often find themselves feeling isolated and alone. The feelings of guilt and shame can become overwhelming as they wonder what they did wrong, could have done better, or what they failed to do. The end result makes parents feel as though they are living solo with the need to carry this burden on their own. We invite you to begin the journey of discovery together with us in a one-day retreat with other like-minded parents, as we explore the notion that we might all share similar stories and that maybe we are really not alone on this road. During this retreat, we hope to provide you a warm, comfortable, loving and non-threatening environment where you might feel the freedom to express yourself. We hope that this time together can maybe “little by little” break down the walls of shame and secrecy. As we join together with one another we hope to create a community within the church family where you feel safe to open up a dialogue and begin the conversation with others. We are not going to “tell you what to do” or “tell you what you could have done better” but rather offer you a time where you can hear from a prodigal that has returned to the faith and to be surrounded by other parents going through similar situations in life. Our goal is to have you leave with hope, realizing that you are not alone and maybe even forming new friendships. Help families welcome home family members who have wandered away.

All of us have someone in our lives who has strayed away from faith in Jesus Christ. How can we reach out not only to the prodigal but to the parents, families, and friends of prodigals who struggle to know what to do?

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Registration:  913.236.6228  | Kansas-City

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