Garage Sale 2017

Donate: April 23, 2-6pm | Shop: April 27-29 | Volunteer: April 22-29

It all starts Sunday!

Join us after the 11 o’clock service on April 23rd at the Shawnee campus to ready our church for the 3rd Annual Trinity Family Garage Sale.  Come to church dressed ready to work…we only need 2 hours of your time. We are providing a pizza lunch for all volunteers.  If you can, we would appreciate you letting us know you will be there to help…please sign up at But if you don’t, showing up works well too!

Dropping off donations?

Donations will be accepted on Sunday April 23rd from 2-6 PM. Preschool families are welcome to drop off donations during school hours on Monday and Tuesday (April 24-25).

Want to Help? Don’t Have Time to Volunteer?

Help us welcome our community by providing snacks and bottled water for our volunteers. Snack ideas include Chex mix, cookies, chips (things that can be left on the counter). Drop them off at the Shawnee Campus.

So I might have time to come help next week, but I’m not sure when…

We will be sorting, pricing and staging up until the sale opens on Thursday. Stop by, we will welcome you, thank you and give you a job.

Help us spread the word!

Social media is an effective and cost conscience way to share information. If you are a Facebook member, please LIKE our Trinity Family Garage Sale page and share our event.



April 23, 2017, 12-6pm | Prepare Sanctuary and Accept Public Donations
12-2pm | Prepare the sanctuary for the sale (move chairs, cover flooring, move in display equipment)
2-6pm   | Open doors to accept donations from the public

April 24-27, 8am -5pm | Sort, Price, and Display Donations
Preschool Families are invited to drop off donations on Monday and Tuesday during their normal drop-off and pick up times. This is a great time to “drop by” if you have an hour to spare. If you let us know you are coming, that is great, but not required! Help is always appreciated.

April 27-29 | Sale to the Public
Thursday, April 27, 5-8pm | Sale opens as a “sneak preview” to the public
Friday, April 28, 8am-5pm | Primary Garage Sale Day
Saturday, April 29, 8-11am | Sale concludes at 11am. The bag sale will run duration of this time.

April 29, 11am-4pm (or as needed)  | Break down and Reassembly of Church
11am | Break down of display items, and reassembly of church building

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Thank you so much for your consideration.

Have specific questions?   Give us a shout!

Trinity Family Garage Sale Committee:
Brenda Lewallen,  Diana Mayfield, Julie Messbarger, Susan Pilchard, Erin Tieman, Debbie Unger, Marilyn Wilkinson

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