Saturday, August 19, 9am-noon

Mission Campus

What is a personal ministry and, more importantly, what is your personal ministry? Most people, if asked if they are loving and caring, would most likely characterize themselves as being so. But how does that manifest itself into intentional action by you? How are you spreading Christ’s love and promise to others?

On August 19 at 9am Trinity will sponsor an event in which we will encourage and assist you in finding ways to participate in your own intentional personal ministry. We will have members of the Shawnee and Mission campuses tell what they have done and how they got started. You will have the opportunity to participate that morning in an in-house mission activity. The goal is that you will leave looking for ways that you can uniquely share the blessings of being a Child of God.

Sharing the unique gifts God has given you can come in a wide variety of ways. Find ways that you share with others in an enjoyable and eager way. We hope to see you on August 19!


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