There is an interesting connection being made between one of our youth and one of our seniors. I thought it a neat story of how generations with a wide span of years can work together. In this case it involves working on a project in which Drew Jaime enlisted the expertise of Leo Schlesselman. I don’t want to give away the particulars. Hopefully, when the right time comes, we will see what this team has produced. 

The part of the story that I enjoy the most is that they are sharing experiences with each other. Drew realized he could use some tutoring from a gifted hand, and Leo is willing to share his time and knowledge. I think we need more of this inter-generational connecting. I would like to build upon the example given us by Drew and Leo. We will create a readily accessible process of matching interests and mentors. It gives different ages the opportunity to become friends, and to learn or relearn the peculiarities each generation has experienced. We at Trinity do this with our Sunday School and confirmation mentoring, and the preschool is always looking for adults to read to the children.   

Trinity is blessed with a wide-ranging collection of people with different pasts, vocations, and hobbies. We have health care professionals, business leaders, quilters, sewers, woodworkers, golfers, writers, poets, speakers–the list is endless. There are many who would love to be asked to share their gift with another, regardless of the age. senior needs to be needed, and they are flattered when asked to help. If someone is looking into what it takes to be an engineer, or a teacher, who better to get advice from, then one of our members who has experienced that life? 

I would like to build up an “interest reservoir” where we enlist seniors to be willing to share knowledge of their gifts with others of any age. I will take the names and the expertise they have and help make connections with those looking for a mentor. If you are a senior who would like to be a part of this, send Tom your information at If you are looking for a mentor, you can also email me or go to another staff member who can get in touch with me. 

Blessings to you all and stay safe. 


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