It’s that time again for the kickoff of the 2018-2019 season. Hopefully the weather will cool down, we are back from our summer trips, and we look forward to getting back together again.  When talking with many of you on Sunday mornings, it seems like you have missed sharing fun and fellowship with your fellow Trinity seniors.  Well, limber up those joints, dust off your Bibles, and put on your thinking caps, because I hope you will find a full, fun, and challenging fall, winter, and spring season ahead.  We intend to help the 50+ Bible study group do what they do so well, get an active and fun group of Shawnee seniors going, and offer opportunities for spiritual enrichment and service.

Before I go further, I want to make it very clear that all the classes and events both at the Shawnee and Mission campuses are for the entire Trinity senior community. Mission seniors are welcome at Shawnee and Shawnee seniors are welcome at Mission. If you are retired or north of 60 years of age, you are in.  If you wish you were and want to attend, you are in.  If you are still working and wish you could join us, you are in (I’ll write your boss a note).  We have tried to get a good mix of speaker series talks, service projects, fellowship events, and of course a dynamic Bible Study led by Pastor Ron.

We will have three major service projects, one in November, one in December, and one in April.  We will have speaker series talks in October, February, and March.  Every Wednesday from September 19—May 1 we will meet for Bible class.  Fellowship events will be sprinkled throughout the year, for as it is written in 2 Thomas 1:5 “where ever two or three are gathered we will at least have coffee and probably food.” Please read further for a complete list of events, their times, and dates. Read also the articles on each event.  I look forward to a great season ahead. Look for all the senior related articles on the following pages. More event details will be publicized in the coming months.

Senior Schedule, 2018-2019 Season

Date Event Time Campus
Sept. 12 50+ Meet and Greet 10:15am Mission
Sept. 19 First 50+ Bible Class 10:15am Mission
Sept. 22 Powell Garden Trip 9:30am Meet in Mission parking lot
Oct. 10 Oktoberfest After Bible class Mission
Oct. 25 Stories from Guatemala 2pm Shawnee
Oct. 26 Stories from Guatemala 2pm Mission
Nov. 14 Cancer bag service project After Bible Class Mission
Dec. 7 Caroling at assisted living 1pm Carpool from Mission
Dec. 12 Christmas Party After Bible Class Mission
Dec. 13 Christmas Brunch and program 9:30am Shawnee
Jan. 26 Mystery Event Mystery ?
Feb. 21 History and Meaning of Creeds 2pm Shawnee
Feb. 22 History and Meaning of Creeds 2pm Mission
March 15 How We Worship 2pm Shawnee
March 16 How We Worship 2pm Mission
April Easter Basket Assembly Mission & Shawnee
  • Pastor Ron’s Bible Class will meet most every Wednesday morning starting at 10:15am from September 19 through May 1. Special consideration will be made for dates near the holidays. During the winter months if bad weather is imminent, we will follow cancellations according to Shawnee Mission School District cancellations.
  • Events may be added or deleted as the year progresses. If you have a great idea, let Tom know.

Trip to Powell Gardens

Speaker Series: Stories from Guatemala

Cancer Bag Service Project

Caring Ministry College Student Adoption

50+ Fall Kickoff Meet and Greet

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