I have heard great things about our virtual Lenten Mentoring and I am SO HAPPY we are still able to connect and spend some time together in God’s Word and growing in faith–all while keeping our physical distance. In fact, let’s do something fun this week! I’d like for you to take a screenshot of you and your Mentor while you are video chatting and send it to me (beth@tlcms.org). I am planning something fun with the pictures I receive!

Our video this week will focus on “Can I do something bad enough to make God stop Loving me?” Again, you and your Mentor can watch this video together or separately, whatever works best for your team! Here is the link for the video:

The activities for this week will focus on being stronger together and demonstrate how great God’s love is for us!  Here are the supplies you will need:

  1. Your Mentor or Mentee via video chat!
  2. Lenten Mentoring Booklet
  3. Five pieces of string, thread, toothpicks, or uncooked noodles (trust me)
  4. Two Balloons
  5. Two pieces of tape
  6. A needle or pin

Enjoy connecting in faith and have fun!


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