Memory takes me back to the time of the ’50’s when I was a student at our Lutheran Day School in rural Minnesota. Each year during Lent our church held a weekly evening Lenten Service. This was seen by some of us as a good chance to go to each other’s homes to play after school, have supper at a different home from ours, then attend the evening service with the adults, and go home to our own beds!

As a seventh grader you began a two-year study of the Catechism with the pastor in preparation for Confirmation. After the two years of extra study you were confirmed on Palm Sunday before a full church.

When MY Palm Sunday arrived I awoke to over one foot of deep snowfall! We were all definitely snowed in. I even have a picture taken of me that day sitting on the roof of a farm shed, which I had reached by climbing up the deep snow drift against the shed.

By Maundy Thursday we had all dug out enough to come to church to speak our vows and also receive our first Communion.

That’s my Lenten story and I am sticking to it! Hope to see what others have written.

Ruth Hanusch

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