Led by Trinity’s Pastors
Mission Campus Fellowship Hall
9:45am Sunday mornings
Begins: September 8, 2019 (Join in anytime after that!)


The Old Testament feels foggy to many. Some know a few of the stories, but it may be difficult to say why the OT is important for our journey as Christians. By studying the Old Testament, participants will explore the Old Testament in a conversational study format which gives space for interaction with the OT. We will use Tremper Longman’s Old Testament Essentials published by InterVarsity Press. 

Class Goals:

  • For the participant to read the overarching Old Testament narrative.

  • For the participant to grow in seeing how the OT points to Jesus.

  • For the participant to dialog over the diverse topics (which can be hard to work through) in a group setting. 

  • For the participant to assemble thoughts on why the Old Testament is an essential part of the Christian narrative.


The pastors of Trinity Lutheran Church will rotate leadership of individual sessions. The class will be held in the Fellowship Hall of the Mission Campus at 9:45am. Participant books will be made available for participants to purchase at Trinity, or participants can purchase their own elsewhere. 

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