Reformation 2016

Looking ahead to the 500th Anniversary

As we approach the 500th anniversary of the Reformation one year from now we have a unique opportunity to continue our discipleship growth and “Re-formation” as a “Community Following Jesus.” This special anniversary provides ways to be forward-looking, outward-directed, and focused on the amazing mercy of God in Jesus Christ.

“On the eve of All Saints’ Day, October 31, 1517, a young Roman Catholic priest named Martin Luther posted on the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, a list of 95 theses, or statements, and requested a meeting of the church leaders to discuss and debate the substance of these 95 theses concerning church practices. Luther desired that the church would reform its practices to be more in keeping with the Word of God… What started as an academic debate–mostly over the selling of indulgences and the grace of God–touched off a chain reaction that resulted in the events that we now call the Protestant Reformation. Luther had no idea what changes this simple act would bring upon the church—today, there are 104 million people worldwide who consider themselves Lutherans, according to the Lutheran World Foundation.”*

“We invite everyone to wear the liturgical color red on October 30, because red represents the Holy Spirit. Luther believed that the Reformation was a direct result of the Holy Spirit moving him and others to action. This day is a celebration of the Holy Spirit that continues to move us toward the grace and mercy of God even today.”*

Bible Milestones

On Reformation we will celebrate a very special faith milestone with the children and families of our two–year-olds and our second grade students. They will receive Bibles as part of our Milestones ministry at Trinity. We firmly believe the family provides the greatest influence in the faith life of a child. This special Milestone equips parents to share God’s Word with their child in very meaningful ways.

Our second grade students and parents discover together what reading God’s Word means for them, they participate in hands-on ways to apply God’s Word to their daily lives, they work together at home to learn new truths from their Bibles, and they explore together the many treasures their Bibles hold for them.

The parents of our two-year-olds discover how reading the Bible to their children at a young age is influential in the building of faith in their children and families. We explore with parents how this time together strengthens them as a family. We equip and encourage one another as our little ones begin to discover how much God and their families love them.

Text quoted from, Syracuse, New York.

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