Worship is meant to be participatory: God acts, we respond. God comes to us with his mercy and grace; we respond with thanks and praise. One of the many ways we do that is through music. The majority of the music in our services is meant to be sung by the congregation. And yet, it can be difficult to sing a new, unfamiliar song the first time. To help us learn these new songs, and also to help us praise God throughout the week, we are now making available on YouTube the playlist of songs that will be sung on the upcoming Sunday. Simply follow the link below and you will be able to listen in to what is coming up. Parents, this can be a great way to engage young children. Pre-readers or early readers can’t follow along with the screens. But if they are familiar with a tune, it’s easy to say “Remember this song we heard earlier this week? Let’s sing along.” This engages them in the service, teaches them how to worship, and makes the morning run smoother for the family. So pull it up while you’re doing the dishes. Turn it up while you’re driving in the car. Play a few of these songs each night as part of your family devotions. Praise God throughout the week, and be ready to join with all your brothers and sisters in worship on Sunday!

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