Greetings to all of Trinity’s seniors! 

It is my hope and prayer that you are managing well through these troubled times. It is important that we stay connected with one another and support each other as best we can.  In an attempt to keep you in touch and current with what is going on, we are making some changes to the senior ministry portion of Trinity’s website. We are using the three focuses of our ministry. We will have articles written to help us with our spiritual journey, our well-being, and fellowship. 

Pastor Ron will be offering insight spiritually, Dr. Eric P. Justin will give us information from the health perspective, and I will be writing about what is going on with our Trinity family. As we continue with this enhancement, we may add or readjust according to what you tell me your needs are. Please give me feedback on what is good, how we can improve, or what may not be needed. I hope this will prove useful and enjoyable. You can view the new information at or by clicking the link below. 


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