Jesus sends us out to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of God. While not all will receive this Good News, and in fact some will oppose us as we share it, we need not fear. The God who created and redeemed us walks with us and cares for us. Fear not! 

Video worship will be recorded at the 8:30am service at the Shawnee Campus and available online by 11am on Sunday morning.


©  A-726621 for all hymns. © CCLI 234033.

For the video worship service you are encouraged to download the service bulletin to follow along. There are several methods you may utilize the service bulletin and the video worship simultaneously:

  1. Use two different devices simultaneously: laptop and smartphone, desktop and tablet, smart TV and laptop…you get the idea.
  2. Print the service bulletin and follow along with the hard copy.
  3. Open two browser screens on your computer and view both the video and the service bulletin simultaneously.

If you unable to use any of these methods, don’t worry! You will still be able to follow along and sing the hymns.

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