September 16, 2018

The dedication of the new columbarium at the Mission campus will be on Sunday, September 16, at 10:40am. Everyone is
invited! The dedication is the culmination of an idea for a columbarium at Trinity was conceived, investigated, nurtured, planned, and eventually approved by the congregation approximately eleven months ago. Today, that concept, that idea, is now reality, thanks to the generosity of some of Trinity’s members. The columbarium is completely finished.

Located in what was originally the Prayer Chapel, the columbarium is accessed through two beautifully stained sliding doors, and is always accessible when the church is open. Upon entering, one’s attention is immediately drawn to two incredibly beautiful stain glass windows on the north wall, one depicting Jesus praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the other of the women at His tomb. The east wall of the room contains two 25-niche units, separated by an alcove housing a beautiful cross made of exotic Bloodwood. The covers of the niches are Cambrian Black Granite, creating a distinctive, but understated elegance and beauty. While new carpeting and furniture highlight the transformation of the room, the inclusion of historical items of importance to long-time members of Trinity becomes obvious. The original altar with the candles and cross remains, as does the original baptismal font, candelabras, and freestanding cross. In addition, in the northeast corner of the room, partially concealed by the stained divider, is the original kneeler and cross.

If you have not visited the room, you are encouraged to do so. In addition, there are information packets available in the church office for anyone interested in leasing a niche.

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