In the past 18 months, several articles have been published dealing with the original conception of a columbarium at Trinity, informational meetings to determine interest, establishment of a committee to develop plans and present them to the Executive Committee, and last, but not least, being blessed with generous gifts which have allowed the committee to move forward with plans that were approved by the Executive Committee. The overriding purpose of having a columbarium at Trinity, as expressed by many individuals, is the idea that the center of their spiritual life, their church home for many years, could now become their final resting place. Trinity has been the center of their worship experience and a central gathering place around which activities and events have brought families together for many years. As country cemeteries served churches well in years past, so today, columbariums serve their congregations in the same manner. The columbarium will not be completed for another couple of weeks. However, the status of the project is such that we can now accept pre-need leasing applications. For those interested, please contact the church office, 913-432-5441. You will be provided a copy of frequently asked questions, which should provide you with all the information you need. If you are certain you want to proceed with a lease, please let the office know, and you will be contacted by one of the Columbarium Board members, and a time will be set to complete the necessary forms.

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