Trinity Lutheran Church has completed an electronic message sign retrofit for the Mission campus and installed a new message sign for the Shawnee campus. For many years, the sign at Mission has been a beacon, welcoming the community and consistently offering God’s Word to the many travelers along Shawnee Mission Parkway. In May 2018, the electronic message sign at the Mission campus experienced a failure and while trying to be repaired, it was determined that the sign was obsolete and unable to be repaired. Staff began a project to look at replacing the sign at the Mission campus and installing a new sign at the Shawnee campus to shine a similar beacon to the community in Shawnee. Through the generous donations of several members as well as a matching grant from the Trinity Lutheran Foundation, this project is now complete. The Mission campus sign was completed in June 2019 and the Shawnee campus sign was completed in January 2020.

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