We at Trinity often talk about being a “Community Following Jesus.” From time to time it is good to stop and see how we are being blessed by God and how we, through Him, try to be blessings to others. We have recently looked at our individual faith, as well as the work of Trinity congregation, with eyes focused on our relationship with God (UP), our relationship inside our faith family (IN), and our reaching out with God’s love to the community at large (OUT). As children of God we never do enough. We serve because that is what a child of God does. It is an honor and a great gift to be used as God’s tool in building His kingdom. That being said, it is good to reflect on what He is doing through us and how some of that manifests itself. It is also important that the staff of Trinity thanks you for being such an integral part of this faith community.

Any listing of the things you volunteer to do will automatically come with things that were omitted and left out. It is an impossible task to remember all that is done without some glaring gaps. We wish, however, to not gloss over the special things you do by making broad generalizations. Your ministry is deeply appreciated.

We have people who volunteer to take care of the properties at both campuses. Many of you change lightbulbs, water plants, beautify the grounds, paint walls, make repairs, create new spaces, and much more. Thanks to the tireless workers who adorn our worship areas for the holidays. Both campuses remain inviting places to worship and maintaining that atmosphere helps in the mission of Trinity.

Trinity has a heart for helping others. Our Missions committee actively recommends ways to be a benefit to the community. Trinity supports in a big way Metro Lutheran Ministry. It provides leaders, volunteers and collects items regularly for food, Christmas gifts, and clothing drives. Many of our members work at Blessings Abound as volunteers. We support the work of and leadership for many other charitable agencies. We conduct service projects throughout the year (cancer bags, hand-up bags, homebound Easter baskets, etc.). Our quilters meet regularly, making beautiful quilts to put into the hands of those needing them. To those of you who take part in these things, thank you for your giving heart. 

Trinity has an active group of ladies’ circles that meet regularly. They provide so much support at home in our congregation, and also work with outreach projects to the community. We hesitate to think of what might not happen if it were not for the work of our circles. We also need to give special thanks to the altar guild. These people make sure the sanctuary is ready for worship services every week. They fill communion trays, make sure the candles are filled, dress the altar properly, make sure the correct paraments are used at the right time, clean up after services, and much more. 

On any given weekend there are better than 50 jobs that are taken care of by volunteers. It is amazing that we have this much dedicated and eager involvement. We have greeters, welcome center hosts, readers, communion servers, ushers, techies, data entry folks, flower deliverers, and offering counters. We also have dedicated high school and middle school youth who provide needed assistance as acolytes. These young people go through training and then are asked to light candles, serve in processionals, help with communion, and other things that are needed during the service. It is enjoyable working with these young people. We also need to thank those who take the time to schedule these acolytes and altar guild volunteers.

The Trinity choir, praise band, and other musicians add so much to the enjoyment and meaningfulness of our worship. We are truly blessed to have such talented people giving of themselves to the glory of God. Music is integral in how we worship at Trinity. Well done music adds dimension and depth to the spoken Word we hear every week. Thank you. 

We have many people who work behind the scenes to make Trinity an effective house of God. We have Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, mentors, VBS workers, babysitters, and youth volunteers. We have special people who visit our homebound, look after the spiritual care of our congregation, take care of funeral dinners, work on the hospitality committee to help serve special functions, volunteer in the office to help things run smoothly, teach Bible class, and lead small groups. We also have senior volunteers and the work of the 50+ people, and someone who makes sure we have the pantry items for all the things this congregation hosts.

The staff of Trinity is blessed to have such a caring, effective, and giving congregation. So many additional aspects to ministry can happen when eager volunteers are here to help in the mission. It is fun to work with people such as yourselves. We hope you realize what a difference you make in the lives of our church and the community. We thank you for being dedicated to the work of God’s kingdom. We are truly a “Community Following Jesus.” 

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