Since 1997 the Wittenberg English Ministry (WEM) has coordinated English-speaking worship for visitors to Wittenberg, Germany. All services are conducted in the historic churches where Martin Luther taught and preached.  Luther posted the 95 Theses on the Castle Church doors in 1517 which initiated the Reformation of the Christian Church. 2017 is a celebratory year since it marks the 500th anniversary of the Theses posting.

Since WEM’s beginning, more than 250 Lutheran pastors from the USA, Canada and Australia have voluntarily served in this ministry, leading worship five days each week for a period of two weeks.

For the fifth time, Deacon Tim Reaman will serve as a host in Wittenberg–working with WEM pastors–for 6 weeks from August 19 – October 2.

Facebook Page:  Wittenberg English Ministry – WEM

If you would like to receive periodic updates from Deacon Tim Reaman as he serves the Wittenberg English Ministry in Wittenberg, Germany for the next six weeks, please contact the church office.


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