Dear Parents,

This Sunday we celebrate Trinity Sunday and our Gospel lesson is the Great Commission. At first glance we may wonder how these two things tie together. However, when we read the verses from Matthew we see Jesus giving the instruction not only to GO but to baptize in the name of the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I always find explaining the Trinity to children, and even adults, very challenging. You have all heard the example of the apple – how three things – the peel, the flesh, and the seeds all make up one apple. This example also allows us to talk more about the personal attributes of each entity, yet it in no way explains our magnificent God. Our God is so much more that this simple illustration attempts to explain. We want a way to understand, a way to explain something that is not fathomable to us. It’s a mystery and, if you are like me, we want mysteries to be solved.

This concept requires faith – believing in something you can’t see or fully explain. Faith that is willing to accept we don’t fully understand God and yet we know how much He loves us. Faith that we hand down to our children to guide them in all step of their lives. Faith that reassures us that when we don’t have the answers, we can turn to the One who can provide for us, protect us, and equip us to share that faith with our families. Faith that gives us the boldness to live out faith in our daily lives – at home, at work, in our neighborhoods and communities, in the world around us. Faith that equips us to GO and make disciples of our children, of ourselves, and of others – to live life boldly following Jesus and trusting in His promise that He is ALWAYS with us.

Your Trinity family is here for you! Please know I am always here to pray with you, to cry with you, to lend a listening ear, to share a laugh with, or whatever you need. 

We continue to be here to encourage, equip, and guide you as you are the “Light of Christ” for your children, family, friends, and neighbors. Find some ideas/tips/resources to help you lead by faith with your family on the Children’s Ministry page. Please feel free to contact me any time if I can serve you or your family in any way.    
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